Bring FinMango to your community or school by becoming a certified trainer.

Step 1


We just need some information and you'll be set to get started. Getting certified is FREE :)

Step 2

Watch lectures

You'll watch a pre-recorded lecture from a master trainer (e.g. Mango Bob) on the material and how to teach it.

Step 3

Get tutored

We'll give you optional 1 on 1 tutoring sessions with a FinMango master trainer. You'll also be given extra reading materials.

Step 4

Get tested

You'll take a short quiz and present the class to a small public group and reviewed by a FinMango Master trainer.

Step 5


Once you pass all the steps, we'll email you a digital certificate so you can start teaching in your community or school.

Get Certified Today!

Help create a generational difference in your community.


Getting certified gives you credibility and the confidence to bring financial literacy to your community.

  • Professional development.

  • Personal development.

  • Community impact.



Getting certified is 100% FREE. The FinMango commitment.

Master Trainer

Bob Gillingham

Bob is the owner of Gillingham Ford in Cleveland, Ohio and has been teaching financial literacy for over 40 years and has been expanding his reach now that he is semi-retired. Bob has taught over 50,000 high school students across the United States.

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